S~tosin~ory series

What do you think of ladies that go to extremes to satisfy their in-laws to-be? What are they trying to prove? Strong woman? Mega muscled superpower possessor? I can do all things heavyweight champion? I just don’t get it.I went to a patent shop yesterday and overheard discussions about a lady, Ronke. Ronke was redeployed by her organization to a new location for a few months. Luckily, that was where her boyfriend’s family lived. Ronke’s boyfriend told her she could stay with his family. He then went ahead and borrowed/collected the money that was meant for Ronke’s accommodation. His excuse? He had some ‘pressing’ issues he had to sort out. Now with little or no money left for accommodation, Ronke accepted to stay in the family house that had about 20 occupants, plus herself (the new wife).
Her woes started when she decided to help with the house chores. Within a week of her arrival, she had become the house chef. She was to prepare breakfast and dinner for 21 people. She would wake by 4am to prepare breakfast for the family before setting off for the day, make dinner on her return and even stay up to wash the dishes before going to bed as her to-be mother-in-law didn’t like to see dirty plates in the sink early in the morning. To add to her troubles, the family had a large farm they all went to every Saturday. And Ronke, who had never cultivated even a pot garden before, had to join the family to the farm every weekend as it was an ‘important’ unbroken family tradition and helped them bond. Now I have no problem with such extraneous activities but her reasons for doing so was borderline worrisome. She was trying to prove to her boyfriend’s family that she was a good enough wife material for their son.Ofcourse, as expected, she soon got tired and finally mustered energy to ask her boyfriend for a refund that she needed her own space as she couldn’t cope with the numerous tasks anymore. Quite unfortunately, the boyfriend had no regard for her, and obviously had no refund ready, so he decided to pull the cheap marriage card. He said, baby don’t let them see you as weak, prove to them that you are a strong lady worthy of me. Ronke couldn’t believe her ears. She let out a hysterical laugh. She was to prove her strength by going to farm and cooking for 21 people twice a day? Who was going to ask him to prove that he was worthy of her?She had had enough. She knew her money was not coming forth so she sent an emergency SOS to her friends that she was dying and needed help with funds. She needed her own space ASAP. How sure was she that the guy will eventually marry her sef? And even if he was, should she kill herself in the process? What was she proving sef? Did the guy really love her as he claimed?I think it’s low self-esteem that is responsible for stories like this. If he/she asks you to do this or do that, to prove love, girl, boy, be careful. No one needs to go through such stress to prove love. Married or not. Stress is no prove of love.

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