Such arrogance!

Let’s rant a little about arrogance, shall we? A few years back, I was in a management meeting. During the meeting, one of the attendees was called out on her unruly behaviour that was jeopardizing the progress of the organization. In response, she flared. She sprang to her feet while we were all seated and started ranting. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She even dared to gesticulate and point her short fingers at our aged director. Such arrogance! She looked like she was about to explode in the literal sense of the word. Her shirt seemed like it was about to burst. How could someone be so puffed in anger? And just like you’d guess, she didn’t see anything wrong with her actions and all she said was gibberish.
That is how the other day, a Corp member whom we had offered a lift almost fought the driver just because the driver had said he’ll drop him one bus stop before his destination. Oh! Don’t even get me started on conductors and taxi drivers. Those ones receive their anointing for arrogance straight from the pit of hell.

Many times we run into such people. Men. Women. Old. Young. Poor. Rich. Illiterate. Learned. You name the class. We weigh them in the balance of manner-of-approach and find them wanting. They can make you seethe with rage by just opening their mouth. And the most annoying part is that they rarely see their faults. But the great news is that pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. I’ll never understand how anyone can be so blinded to their shortcomings! How can you lie to yourself like that?

8 thoughts on “Such arrogance!”

  1. My dear it beats my imaginations when someone u give so much regards portray such act. That’s how a sub-contractor kept coming to my table and he won’t wait for any explanations but will shout at me for everything, until one day i told him when u are done see yourself out and help me close the door from outside.

  2. In many settings this is what happens. No one wants to play a second fiddle, or do you? We think that dominance is by showing up…Especially if you are bless with a certain trait. Mbok let me stop here.

  3. it takes real grace to be angry and sin not. it takes courage to accept your fault in a fit of anger. #selah.

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