Tackle life

They say your actions and decisions give you result, and I add, perseverance and determination give you breakthrough.

Life is full of hurdles but your hustle breaks the hurdle.

To be relevant and stand out, you need to take the risk many are scared of.

Life mounts pressure on all, you deflate this pressure only through perseverance and determination.

Life is simple but that is solely dependent on how you tackle it.

To some, life is bad.

To some, life is beautiful.

The difference is in the tackle technique.

Tackle Life!!!


1 thought on “Tackle life”

  1. Risks are taken but there’s one factor that is said to be beyond human comprehension… Some call it destiny, some call it luck, Some say is the unpredictable…. some say favour, grace etc.
    People take same hustle and come out with different results….The Bible say time and chance happen to all. Am yet to get it.

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