The beggar by the glass house

One day, I glanced out the window as we drove by a fancy eatery and saw a beggar by the sidewalk. The building was beautifully structured and was made of glass. It was designed in such a way that people outside could see the people inside and their activities clearly. Why eateries choose such aesthetics I can’t say.
There was this tattered beggar by the sidewalk of that eatery that caught my attention. He had this longing gaze and looked wistfully at the people merrying and having a nice time in the eatery, you could tell he wished the glass barrier would somehow disappear and he’d appear in nice clothes and seat there, wining and dinning with family. I’m sure he would also wish the security man at the door could give him a chance to just enter the restaurant. But the question is, were he to be allowed in, would he be able to pay for the pricey meals? Or will pity be his currency? Or perhaps he believes the popular saying: if you hang around a barber’s shop long enough, you will receive a free haircut.
Though I think the main hope of the beggar is that the people stopping by to eat will hand him an extra plate on their way out, or give him money that would be enough to buy him a decent meal even if it’s not from that particularly pricey eatery. But the question is, do such good people still exist? Or will the beggar have to wait for the remnants to be dumped in the trashcan before he can find his pick? It is a pity that hunger raged in his life in the face of such abundance. But, that is the harsh reality of life especially in this part of the world where more than 60% of the populace find it hard to feed in the midst of abounding natural resources.
In the same light, no one can be blamed for not giving the beggar food because he seemed physically fit to get a job no matter how menial. After all, no one is ultimately responsible for you except you.

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