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The Exemplary Qualities Of An Ideal Man (Part Two)

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This is the second part of the series we have started to look at. If you find the following qualities in a man, that means, he’s an ideal man.

Below are ten qualities that tell if a man is ideal man.

1. Don’t be careless. about the welfare of your home. Your home should be your utmost priority. You must take responsibility of caring for your home, ranging from paying bills to ensuring that food does not lack in the house.

2. Don’t compare your wife with anyone. Comparison is the worst thing you could do, in fact, it should be the last thing to do as sets in inferiority complex.

3. Never cheat on your wife no matter the condition. Cheating on your wife means that she’s not good enough, a responsible man ensures that his wife’s trust and confidence are not thwarted.

4. Never cut short the love you showed to your wife, rather, water it, and nurture it for effective continuous growing.

5. Never disregard the effort of your wife, rather appreciate her more and more. An ideal man knows that eulogies are a great way to keeping the relationship in order. Identify even the tiniest efforts of your wife and genuinely appreciate her. You can even go ahead to reward her with a gift.

6. Never discuss the weak points of your wife at public opinion polls. An ideal man is not a talkative, discussing your relationship affairs with outsiders show that you are weak and not man enough, no matter how stupid her opinions can be, still respect them and sometimes make a compromise.

7. Don’t call your wife unpleasant names such as prostitute, witch, fruitless entity, harlot, useless wife, bastard, rather call her blessed, precious, capable, beautiful and virtuous woman.


9. Don’t be self centered. An ideal man proves to his wife that they are a team! Carry your wife along and ensure she has a place in in everything that you do.

10. Don’t ever cook up plans against your wife because of your lustful desires.

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