The feud between Sunday nights and sleep

I think there’s an agelong feud between Sunday nights and sleep. Well, atleast in my world. See me tossing and turning, trying to find sleep last night na. And before I could say Jack, the night was far spent and Monday morning just showed up.

Argghhh! Monday! Like an annoying boss who should be away from the office for a full week calling you to tell you he’s on his way to the office and that his trip was cancelled. He’ll be so excited and you’ll be wondering how someone can be so excited and not have a clue that he’s making your life so unbearable with that amount of energy. You’ll wanna sound like, oh no boss, could you still take the week off all the same, we all need the breather.

Please tell me I am not the only one who doesn’t get much sleep on Sunday nights. For real, the night feels short enough and yet I can’t still get much sleep. To me, I can’t stop thinking like:- so weekend is over lai this and i gats go work tomorrow? There’s this unsettling feeling everytime I remember i have to go to work that makes sleep just a lil farther than my immediate reach.

Nobody should tell me I don’t love my job o. I think I do, the profession atleast. Okay scratch that, I know I do. But I love the weekend rest even more. And Sunday night is a harsh reminder that holiday is over. And I don’t like harsh reminders.

But work we must! These bills don’t sort themselves out for chrissake!

10 thoughts on “The feud between Sunday nights and sleep”

  1. And then there comes the weekend, its Friday now and you hoping to get enough lazy bed time and then boom Saturday morning your crazy self wakes up naturally by 5:30 in the A. M and there you are wide awake and hoping this could have been better used on a Monday morning but no. Life just keeps handing down curved balls impromptu. Smfh

    1. This is a scenario I can totally relate with.
      Wide awake when you’d rather be sleeping. And I’ll be like, you betrayer in form of biological clock. Who the fucking fuck sent you message?

  2. Thats why I say ”weekends are like rainbows, they look great from a distance but once u get up close to them, they start to disappear”

  3. Natty brother

    Sunday nights tells like ‘ nightfall in soweto’ how I wished the night could have the understanding to negotiate. Just figure what its looks like when u had imbibed heavily some coloured water, just this day you had the chance to fraternize with your beloved, then suddenly alarm comes calling, you just have to beat all odds to be in office in time. You actually succeeded getting there, trying all possible means to Tuck self in so you don’t appear defeated with the drinks of last night, then your boss suddenly appears and tells you have some heavy lifting jobs to do or maybe work on height. Then you get to understand that calvary is just the next street to your location.

    1. A picture so beautifully painted.
      A gift in poetry.
      I hope we can cross the streets and behold Calvary face to face, for I know our jobs need saving

  4. Tell me more, like the day is any difference. Same routine, same faces, but the spirit that Mondays carry will just take over sunday night and make it selfish to sleep.

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