The process is almost always worth more

Does the end really justify the means?
Alot of people generally use this saying as an excuse to mete out inhumane treatments, commit heinous crimes, step on people’s toes and oppress as many people as possible on their way up life’s ladder.
Some even dare think that at the end, when they arrive their destinations, they could pay for their wrongs with some random good to a small portion of the society.
I like to believe that the end is just as important as the process. You can’t act as though doing right by others doesn’t matter just because you think you’ll make up for your bad deeds with a bit of good works. You can’t act as you please just because you are hoping to make up for it when you get to the top. I mean, what if you don’t end up at that top? Or life has other plans for you? So what?
I believe strongly that if the process is right, then you’ve got the whole thing right. Atleast that’s how and when you can say you’d lived a great and fulfilled life, when you look back at the people whose lives you had impacted, touched or influenced.

So here’s my little advice. I’d rather that you:
Pay attention to the little deeds.
Pay attention to the process.
Pay attention to living and doing right as much as you can, as long as you draw breath.
Consciously avoid the destination syndrome.

4 thoughts on “The process is almost always worth more”

  1. That’s it, nice advice…. A priest once said that people see life as a means to an end, while life itself is an end. If you see life as an end then you are one of those that would always do the right thing everytime cos there may be no second chance. No one knows where and when he/she would end.

  2. I believe that a character that stings will someday sink and stink. Law of retribution is in-situ.
    Effective living is not in how long we live or positions and wealth we acquire in life but the positive impact we bestow on humanity.
    The super master magnificus said ” whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me…”

    Lovely advice from you, ICE.

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