The Rollercoaster tale

Ever been in a Rollercoaster or seen amazing clips of people who ride it? The other year I was just in one. Such an amazing ride by the way. At first I thought, why was it so slow? Then it picked up pace and I started to scream really hard. Everyone mid-air was doing the same thing, screaming I mean. We had soon forgotten the whinings about the slow start. We all started confessing sins, ready to die and promising not to ever ride again.
Life in itself is like a roller-coaster. Sometimes it starts off really slow, then it picks up pace. And at some point of the journey, you scream- I no dey do again, drop me, drop me! No sooner than you finish screaming, it starts to feel like such an amazing experience over again and you never want it to end.In life, sometimes, everything goes on so smoothly that you forget there is any possibility of glitches. At other times, you think you are really done with the challenges and won’t like life to continue. Some even go as far as asking God for death.But here’s what I think, trudge on in spite of life. You’ll soon have the “wow, that was such a ride” moment. Whether or not you want or you are ready for the next ride, life will throw you into the next train. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll be prepared for it or not. So why don’t you rather sit back and enjoy the ride? Because in the end, life will always be life.

How did your 2020 start off? Shall we enjoy the rest of the ride together?

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