Time wounds all heals

A friend of mine loves to say that time wounds all heals. I know it is different from the conventional saying we’ve heard since growing up, but let us consider this new twist deeply. If time heals all wounds, then why do those wounds hurt again? Sometimes differently sef? While it is a true saying that time heals all wounds, it is also very true that time wounds all heals. Time is like a two-edged sword that can both heal and wound. Anyone can get wounded and any wound can be healed if given ample time.

A typical example is a breakup story. You met someone. Life became beautiful with that person in the picture. You began to plan the rest of your life around that person. After a while things go sour and the whole ship comes crashing on an iceberg. You are downcast. You weep for your loss. Then you allow yourself to heal. No sooner than you heal, you give love a chance again. You open your healed heart to love and somewhere along the line, another heartbreak happens. Time had given you time to heal. But then, it ended up wounding the healing again.

For a cheating spouse, you’ve decided not to look outside anymore. You’ve refused to even so much as take a second look at the opposite gender. Five years later, you’re in a conference and you are having problems with your spouse back at home. Then you run into an old crush, someone you think you should have spent the rest of your life with had the opportunity presented itself, and before you realize it, kaboom! You’re both breathless under the sheets. How’d it happen? You question? Then suddenly you understand why they say old firewood burns faster. Emotions that you had taken years to suppress has finally come around to destroy you.

Another example is that of a stepchild who had gone through hell in the hands of his stepmother and later decided to travel out of the village in search of greener pastures. After spending close to twenty years in a strange land fending for himself with no support from home, he was called that his dad had died and he had to come home for his burial. Though he had made peace with his evil stepmother in his heart from a distance, she was still a torn in his flesh. During the burial arrangements, she pushed so hard to get a reaction from him. She was bent on thwarting all efforts by her stepson to give her husband a befitting burial. The stepson was now gradually losing his mind. This woman was out to destroy the very peace he took years to build. The very healing process that he’d undergone in all his years away from home was about to be washed down the drain. Time had opened up the healed scars. The wounds began to bleed again. His conclusion therefore was that indeed, time wounds all heals.

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