Tips to Successfully Pass a Job Interview

Competition for job in the labour market is high, but if your employer is fascinated by your CV, you will be invited for an interview which is usually the last step in seeking a job and leaving the unemployed bracket.

Below are some tips for you to successfully pass a job interview:

1. Preparation: prior to your interview, get yourself prepared and make all your documents, resume, credentials, certificates etc available and familiarise yourself with your resume so you don’t start saying things that are not coherent with your resume. And try to find out about your potential workplace and possible questions that you might be asked.

2. Be punctual: always get to your interview earlier than slated. You never could know what traffic you might come across, and being early gives you enough time to catch your breath and calm down before the interview begins.

3. Be Neat: when I tell you to be neat, I mean you need to be clean and attractive. As a man, keep your haircut low, trim your beards and look diaper. Ladies, don’t over do your make-up, be casual and wear a smile.

4. Pay attention: if your interviewer asks a question you didn’t hear well or understand, kindly ask the person to clarify what he/she means. If you must respond to a question, try and avoid monosyllabic answers except when possible.

5. Promote yourself: talk good about your area of speciality, achievements, qualities and what you could do to help improve the organisation.

6. Sleep well: prior to your interview day, always try to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep so you will be energised for the day.

At the end of the interview, try and ask a few constructive reasonable questions.

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