Top Seven Secrets To Living A Happy Life

Life’s a race! And as we run this race, there are times we become fed up with life and we almost conclude that life’s bitter and we can no longer move on, at that time, we are just a step away from giving up on ourselves.

We live in a society where things are not all right. A life of continual struggles, dejection and deprivation, and the question remains, how do we find the balance and lead a happy life? In answering the question today, we will discuss Top seven Secrets to Living a Happy Life!

1. Laugh and smile. Laughter and smiles are scientifically proven to have health benefits. Don’t just wait around for things that will make you laugh and smile, seek them out. Smile as often as you can, even if you’re not in the mood. Nothing works better than a good mood. Try as much as possible to put on elegant smiles all the time.

2. Never stop learning. Learning is a continuous process. The day you stop learning is the day you cease to live. Even if you’re done with formal schooling and training you don’t have to hang up and call it a day. Keep pushing yourself to learn new things, whether it’s a skill, or a sport or a musical instrument. Learning brings you a new daily.

3. Keep your legacy in mind. Purposeful living is ideal thing and we all need it. A purposeless life is a life of doom, waking up each day and not knowing what you’re living for in itself brings pain and emotional trauma. Leaving a good legacy is something we should all strive for. What will yours be? What do you want it to be? Take a long view of your life as a whole and decide on steps today that will help get you there.

4. Stamp out regrets. There’s no point in regretting things that have already happened, you were just doing the best you could with the information you had at the time. Make it your mission to live in the present and live in a way that leaves you regret-free.

5. Get a clear vision of what you want. In order to have a full and happy life you have to know what you want. How else will you know if you have it unless you know what it looks like. Keep that picture in your mind as often as you can and it will be drawn to you like a magnet.

6. Always have a goal to strive for. The one thing they don’t tell you in goal books is what to do when you reach that goal. The answer is to come up with a new goal and start going for that. Don’t rest on your oars, broaden your horizon and never get satisfied with past laurels. Yes, celebrate your wins, bu after the celebrations, go for something even bigger than what you already accomplished! Did you get that?

7. Above all, get defined. Self definition is an all-important adventure. In defining yourself, you have to be positive about you and let your definition be based on your purpose of being alive. I cannot stress it enough that everyone has to live a life of purpose.

We have outlined above the seven top secrets to living a successful and happy life.

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