Tuesday Motivation: Happiness Does Not Come With A Price Tag

One of the cheapest commodities in the market of life is happiness. There are many things you might struggle to get in life, say wealth, landed property, name them but happiness comes FREE.

Everyone could be happy. Everything that one needs to happy is available. But where most people get it all wrong is in their choices. The choice to be happy, and the choice to be unhappy. These two alternatives are in our power to make. But sadly, most people make the wrong choices and end up in regrets which in turn creates unhappiness for them. Furthermore, to sustain their unhappy life, they would extend it to the people; friends and family.

Whatever you are facing today is as a result of the choices you make yesterday. Yesterday is gone, you are suffering the actions and choices of yesterday today, good news is that you have tomorrow to right. You can do that by making food choices today so when tomorrow comes, happiness will be standing next to you.

At the point of making a good choice, it’s the most difficult, it’s the most hard thing to do, but interestingly, the results are palatable. Be bold to make the right choices today.

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