Unveil your potential!

Every human is given a measure of talent.

What hinders many from discovering theirs is fear.

Fear has buried many lives.

I was once asked why it is more painful when a teenager dies than when a 70 years old man dies.

I replied, when a teenager dies, it’s not the death that’s painful but the potential that died with him.

The most regrettable thing is to let your talent die with you.

Unveil your potential.

Put in action.

Don’t be scared of being mocked by people.

They should rather be your motivating factor.

It is better to be mocked and successful than be mock-free and poor.

Don’t assume It won’t work until you try.

You are the number one pilot of your life.

Go for it!

Unveil it!

Release it!

Unleash it!

Stay optimistic!


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