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Want To Be A Happy Family Man? These Qualities Will Sort You Out

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There is a thin line between being a successful married man and a failure. The following qualities will help you standout as a successful happy man in your relationship.

1. Never set up a family without having a family vision.

2. Never make your wife feel inferior and uneducated before your friends, family, anyone or even you the husband.

3. Never compare your wife’s attitude with your one time girlfriend’s attitude.

4. Don’t be lazy to cater for your wife and family.

5. Never allow money to be the bond of love in your marriage.

6. Never allow your parents or family members to dictate the affairs of your home, remember, ”therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife………”.

7. Don’t ever let your children come between you and your wife. You are married to your wife not your children, remember they have their life to live and when married and gone, only your wife will still be with you, to cook for you, comfort you, refresh your body, soul and spirit in the bedroom.

8. Never hide any phone calls, text messages, or password to mailbox from your wife. Transparency is the ultimate key to continuous trust and confidence in marriage.

9. Never owe your wife anything, always give her the very best; best in love, best care, most precious things and that which belongs to her.

10. Never show a heart of ungratefulness to God and your precious wife, always and always be ever grateful for their presence in your life.

Be all you can be. A real man understands that she is the neck that supports the Head.

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