We Are Announcing Iceblog Store And How To Buy And Sell On Iceblog

Hey family, there is good news. Guess you can tell already from the title of this update. We now have a beautiful store where you can buy all your favorite wares and goods.

The essence of this update is to enable all of our users learn how to use the store and get all the things you need. Without much ado, let’s see how to buy on the store.

How to buy

The Iceblog market is a simple walk in store, browse through all the stuff in the store, pick whatever you need, add to cart, preview the items you have added in the cart, and then proceed to checkout, pay for the goods and, submit your shipping and delivery information and we deliver! It’s that simple. The following steps will help:

Step 1. Visit the store www.iceblog.com.ng/store and browse through.

Step 2. Picking your items. Here you can begin adding the items you need by tapping on “add to cart”. However, you can sort by category, product type, lowest price, highest price etc and complete the picking by adding all the items in the cart.

Step 3. Adding your items to the shopping cart. Just like the conventional store where you walk into the supermarket, get a basket, or cart and put the things you need in them, so it is with the Iceblog store. Once this is completed, you can go ahead to view your cart, here, all the things you have added into the cart can be viewed. This gives you a second chance to preview the items you have picked. If satisfied and okay, you can go ahead and tap on checkout.

Step 4. Completing your shopping with necessary information such as submitting shipping information and delivery details and making payment. But before the payment, you will be required to submit your full name and address, this address you submit could be used as your delivery address also, so be detailed about it as much as possible. Having done this, next is to make payment.

Step 5. Making payment and placing order. Once you are done with the steps above, the next is to make payment. We have two major methods of payment.

1. Mobile transfer. Before making a mobile transfer, you are required to call or chat on WhatsApp via 07069027539. Our sales representative will attend to you immediately. Ensure to vividly describe your preferred item by providing the particular SKU (stock-keeping unit). The SKU is a peculiar identification code for each item in the store. Our sales representative will provide the necessary information for making payment and subsequently placing your order directly.

2. Making payment via debit card. All Nigerian debit cards are allowed for making payments on Iceblog Store. Debit cards from the following vendors such as Verve, Visa, Mastercard, etc are allowed.

Our preferred card payment gateway is paystack. Paystack will process the payment in two easy steps right on the website. Once your payment is successful, we will be notified of your order and give you a call immediately to process the delivery.

How to use coupon code for discounts

From time to time, we will be offering coupon codes to be used for discounts when you purchase on Iceblog.

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