What is real failure?

To stop trying.

Life comes in diverse ways.

But your determination will keep you moving.

Many people that are running after success don’t realize that at some point, you would have become so tired. It is important however to note that, at that point of giving up, life takes another turn.

In life, don’t expect to not be disappointed.

Disappointment is part of the things you will come by on your way to the top.

Are you fed up? Do you feel like giving up? You feel life is unfair to you? Instead of such considerations, why not ask yourself, so after giving up then what? What then willbbe my gain?

Don’t give up no matter what life throws at you.

Not to sound cliche, but believe me, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Just know that its a matter of time before you get to that end.

You will get there.

Stay Optimistic.


1 thought on “What is real failure?”

  1. Yea.
    With strong will and determination, we get to the light.
    Patience and the fear of failure are always the big monster.

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