What’s it with some public office holders sef?

When you attend a public school such as the one I attended, you have a story to tell for just about everything.
One day, I decided that I needed to get my transcript, and started to prepare myself financially and emotionally for the stress. But you can’t prepare enough for public officers and their fleet of embarrassment
For starters, they asked for receipts that I couldn’t recall. I searched everywhere for it and even employed a skilled house searcher (my sister) to help me. We looked everywhere for it to no avail. The consequence of not finding it was going to be grave. I had to pay again. The man had a very straight face and was not having any of my pleas. Haba! Oga! How can you ask me to pay for something you’re sure I’ve paid for before? Did I steal the certificate? Isn’t my certificate enough proof that I am up to date in the accounts department?
All pleas fell on deaf ears. And I became frustrated. The man had probably earmarked the money he was about to rip off of me. He stretched his hands almost excitedly to collect my repayment. I was furious. But I had no choice at the time since the transcript collection was more important.
To add salt to injury, I had forgotten the password to my portal and thus couldn’t produce printouts of my school fees receipts. He just gave me a mean look and told me to started calculate how much I was to pay to receive a new password. Did this man not have a human face? How could he ask me to pay for password too? At this point, I had lost it. It was very clear the man wanted to ‘open office ontop my head’. I told the man in very clear terms that I wasn’t paying a dime anymore in his office and stormed out.
Long story short, it worked. That’s all I ever paid. There was no room left for further negotiations. And I walked away eventually with evidence of my transcript sent.
I think sometimes a little bit of firmness is required with those in public offices. They often feel like kingpins and like to frustrate anyone who comes to their desks for any reason.

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