What’s your definition of relaxation?

Come to the parlour and relax, mum insisted. I’m okay in my room mum, I countered. My mother has been on my case since the generator came on. She wanted me to come to the parlour and watch television. Her argument was that the television will help me relax as I was exhausted from an extremely busy week. But on the contrary, all I wanted to do was lie in bed and surf the internet. For me, that was a better definition of relaxing.

Who else feels pressured when others want to impose their definition of relaxation on you?

6 thoughts on “What’s your definition of relaxation?”

  1. That’s the modern method of relaxation… “Being on the internet” by this means doing anything that interest someone is relaxation. Our parents have to upgrade o

  2. Lying down,acting drama in my head, I can do that for hourssss…Binge-watching a series,or pretty woman all over again.

  3. TV for relaxation might work when you are already relaxed. But watching TV to turn down stress I don’t do and I do not recommend. Cause all of a sudden you start noticing stupid shit from the presenter. Who sow am this stupid kaftan? Him drycleaned been dey on drugs with this amount of starch ? At the end of the day TV would make me metaly exasperated and then you are tired, stressed, angry and a little confused at the end of the day.

    I think this is just me.

    1. Well, I’m not really a TV person except there’s an interesting enough program to watch. Else, I’d rather curl up with my book or phone

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