When fate says NO

The other day, I met my friend, Ted. He was in love with this girl, Emy. Everything seemed so perfect. Emy was everything he could ever want in a girl. She was caring, homely and smart. She seemed to have a vast knowledge on a wide range of subjects. And unlike other girls, she wasn’t a numbskull.

My darling friend, Ted, had chased this girl for so long. She wasn’t an easy catch. She had everything going well for her after all. She wasn’t rude nor arrogant, no, not at all. She only friend-zoned him. But Ted wasn’t going to relent. He’d play his cards for however long it takes. Until she’s his. None of them aware that this was never to be.

Considerable time had passed. She was now ready to settle down. Her past relationships had gotten boring. However, she couldn’t help but wonder at how much this guy held her attention. He had managed to be exciting all the while she’d known him. She decided to give him a shot. It won’t be too hard after all. They’d been friends long enough. So she called him one fateful night, declaring her willingness to give him a chance. My friend was elated, yes. But he asked the girl to sleep over the thought. He didn’t want to get ahead of himself with excitement. He’d had enough heartbreaks already. She obliged.

Night came by quickly for Emy. She was sure of her decision. But morning brought trouble in its wake. As she prepared for work, a thought dropped in her heart. She didn’t even know the Ted’s genotype. How could she have forgotten? She never failed to ask that question since after she found out she was AS. She wasn’t going to put any of her kids through that sickle cell trauma for any selfish love. It wasn’t worth it. She knew she had to find out Ted’s genotype soon.

Bracing up for any news, she placed the call. Silently wishing that her new found love would come through as AA. Sadly, that wish wasn’t to be. He was AS. She was broken by the news. She cried for days. She was disappointed. But she also knew what she had to do. The relationship had to end before it even started.

Ted and Emy saved their future. Save yours too. Know your genotype and the right match. Love does cost a thing, especially when the conditions are wrong.

8 thoughts on “When fate says NO”

  1. Natty brother

    That’s a good one. My close friend was once fated with this same issue, until today he has difficulties to get along perfectly with new matches, consequent of the mouth-watery moments he had with the ‘most let go AS’ fiancee. Its good to always check up at early stage not until when marriage dates have been fixed.

  2. From the passage… If genotype is a big barrier to lovers becoming husband and wife it means most marriages are just business ventures….and that’s why we are having cheats and divorce here and there.

    1. I’m not sure I understand your point clearly. You don’t think genotype is a strong enough reason to call off an engagement?

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