Who named our body parts anyways?

Recently, a friend of mine was complaining about pains in the sternum and I was wondering : where is this sternum sef? Imagine my shock when I realized it’s in the chest! The name sounded really inappropriate for that part of the body. I was thinking it would be some bone that divides the buttocks into two or some other weird part of the body like that, but no. It had to be in the chest!

I decided to dig further as my curiosity had now piqued, and that’s when I discovered even more inappropriate names like Natal cleft and nasal septum. Really?!

I think whoever named natal cleft (which by the way is the groove between the buttocks) meant to say antenatal clinic and the one that named nasal septum (the cartilage that divides the nasal cavity into two) meant to call it sanctum?

In fact, I would love to have a roundtable discussion with whoever was in charge of naming bones too. How could he have named a bone “odontoid process” huh? I spent a lot of time in my biology class wondering who came up with that particular name. Like, what is process doing in human body nomenclature sef? Oh, and by the way, that’s found in the neck region.

I think whoever was in charge of naming our body parts had a sick sense of humor sha.

One thought on “Who named our body parts anyways?

  • February 13, 2020 at 1:39 pm

    No be small ting o.
    Just a small action performed within one second. They call it coitus interruptus.
    I wonder if they had figured two or three letter for all these health and biological words, if heaven for fall.

    In fact, English language is a bunch of shit.


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