Work tools are just as important as work skills

I’ll share a scenario with you.
So one day I came home from work tired and exhausted. I wanted to just curl up in front of the TV and have a good meal. I wasn’t ready for any extra stress. But unfortunately the Cosmo had other plans.

First, there was no power. NEPA as I still call them refused to give us light. So I was left with just one option, that is if my plan to watch TV was going to see the light of day. Turn on my gen. I picked up my generator key and approached the gen as usual. With the key inserted properly, I turned it the first then the second, third time until i lost count. Oddly, it wouldn’t even kick let alone start. Haba! what’s your problem now? See, I no get energy o. I thought maybe the battery had run down to I decided to pull start. Still, no answer. This inanimate object, do you know how tired I am? After several failed attempts, including changing of oil sef, I gave up.

Still fuming, I came inside and picked up my phone to call the one person who always has a handy solution for me. Don’t worry, he said. I’ll bring you plug spanner tomorrow. It could be your plug.I was furious with the gen, to say the least. All my plans for the night shattered. I went to bed.

The next day, I resumed my gen duties again. This time, determined to get it to work. Unbeknownst to me that the plug spanner I brought wasn’t the right size for my gen. I tried and tried. First I thought the plug was too stiff, then I thought maybe my strength didn’t suffice. So I employed masculine energy. Still, nothing. I finally gave up trying and went in search of a gen repairer in the community. The first guy I met told me he’d come after he finished with the job he had at hand. I waited patiently till the day was out, he didn’t show up.

By day three, I had gone in search of a new repairman. Thank God Oga decided to come with immediately. I wasn’t going to leave without him anyways. On arrival, after examining the plug, he brought out a very robust looking spanner and inserted in the hole. People of God, the plug turned at first attempt. I couldn’t believe it! I felt betrayed. So you decide to open at first attempt and I’ve been trying for two days straight?! Much to my chagrin I aired my concerns and the guy couldn’t contain his laughter. He told me it was because I wasn’t using the right spanner size. Me that didn’t even know that plug spanner had sizes too.

Long story short, plug was cleaned, gen came on and I sent him for the exact same spanner. I no wan hear story again. Afterall, if I had had the right tool, I couldn’t have gone through this three-day stress. But well, I also learnt something new from the whole episode, plug spanner get size. And I think we should all seek lessons to learn from every life experience.

2 thoughts on “Work tools are just as important as work skills”

  1. Okay. So one day I had to use my bank mobile app to transfer money to someone. I tried the first time, tried d second time, first week ,second week, still nothing. I could’nt I decided to visit the bank. I started complaining with open eyeballs and a slightly shaking high cymbal voice until the lady asked to see my account. Are you in Ghana? The lady banker asked with a hint of amusement. Only for me to realize that my country of residence had changed to Ghana instead of Nigeria.
    Lesson Learnt: Pay attention. Pay attention to details in whatever you do. It helps and conserves energy.

    1. Hahahahahahahaha…..
      I can only imagine your face after the banker pointed out your error. Kai!
      Anger no good o las las. Pay attention!

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