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Your Mindset Is Everything

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In this short but awesome article, you’d find the real purpose of your being alive, as I often would say, “there is something more to life than just being alive. Read on and find one today.

My best quote used to be: ‘My best friend is one who understands by past; believes in my future; and accepts me just the way I am now’. But now I realized that success has many friends, whereas, no one wants to be associated with a failure. When you are successful you will have many friends, loyalists, even mentees. What attracts them is your visible greatness, not your dreams and your aspirations.

However, without dreams and aspirations, I think one can only succeed by luck. I believe you are aware that greatness is not inborn, it is a result of grim determination towards achieving your dreams. But the greatness has one enemy – Mindset.

Failure cannot happen in your life without your permission. That you failed so many times does not make you a failure, it is just a path to your greatness. Thomas Edison failed to build a working light bulb 1000times before creating a successful one. Also, Abraham Lincoln failed in election many times before he contested and became the 16th president of America.

Albert Einstein once said, ‘anyone who has never made a mistake (failed) has never tried anything new’. I strongly believe that making mistake is not a sin, but not correcting them is foolishness. The book of Micah in the Bible says, ‘Rejoice not over me, O my enemy; when I fall, I shall rise.

Never give up on your goals, remember to always try again. You are not a loser until you accept defeat. Greatness or failure is all about your thought. You are what you think.

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